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With so much BRCA doom and gloom, there is research to brighten the horizon. Organizations like Herit-X are determined to prevent inherited cancer.  

Luckily, Herit-X is working diligently to come up with a solution to the BRCA mutation sooner than later, in the form of a possible vaccine to protect against breast cancer. They do this by offering grants for research projects directed toward any given preventative therapies. For instance, can the mutated BRCA1/2 gene be fixed or stabilized? Cancer research funding has been mainly directed toward treatment, and Herit-X feels as though the pendulum needs to shift. 

BRCA plus people may eventually feel as though they have other viable options besides super invasive surgeries. Most importantly, Herit-X offers hope for our future, as well as opens options for our children who may be affected.

I first came across Herit-X at my first BRCA conference. I became intrigued by their determination. Current Research and Development practices, otherwise known as R&D, can take up to 15 years to make a therapy available to the general public. However, with Herit-X’s Accelerated R&D, they believe they can accomplish it in less than 10 years.

Herit-X is not just worrying about BRCA-related cancers, they are working on preventing them. The founders are either closely connected with a BRCA positive person or a mutation carrier themselves; thus, they are fully invested.

Do you know someone who is focusing their research on preventing inherited cancer? If so, send them to Herit-X’s website.

“Our words have power, but our actions shape our lives.”  ~Rachel Hollis