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Flow and Bloom is a process that I utilize in my sessions with individuals. Using a combination of my intuitive guidance and energy testing techniques, I work with clients to uncover blockages, in order to help them freely move toward their intended life goals.

Wholeness Energetics, a method that I was trained in, is an energy healing modality that includes a practice called “ muscle” or “energy” testing, which allows the client to see that their energy flows when they are in alignment with decisions and events in their life, as well as when they are not. Simultaneously, my goal is to teach clients how to become more aware of their own intuitive signals, so that they may make the best decisions for themselves in their daily lives. I believe that when our energy flows freely, we have the opportunity to bloom into our most beautiful wholeness!



Throughout the site, you may see some links to Amazon (or other sellers) for products to which I am referring. While I highly promote buying local, because most of the resources pour back into your local economy, I am also aware that alternative products can be challenging to locate. I turn to online retailers when that happens. When you buy products through my links, it will help me continue to do this type of important work. I can not be held responsible for any dissatisfaction, for I am only offering suggestions. Thank you!

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