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Can we really release our greatest fears and live fear-free? After one typically alarming situation, I believe that it’s possible.

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4 Friends in their 40s

Breast cancer feels so pervasive, yet what do we really know about it? Unfortunately 4 of my friends found out first-hand....

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Most Girls

What does it mean to you to be like "most girls"? Or what does it mean to define who you are as a woman? Now is our time...

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BRCA 101

BRCA is a hot topic, but how much do we know about it? Here's a simple start to understanding this genetic mutation.

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Men in BRCA: Looking Back, Facing Forward, part 2

A BRCA diagnosis is challenging for women, so imagine the confusion for men! Meet Stan, a BRCA positive man who stays proactive about his diagnosis.

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Growing up in a family filled with cancer is no fun, and can cause a tremendous amount of worry; insurance coverage or lack thereof because of a pre-existing condition shouldn't be one of them.

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