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Posts tagged ‘prophylactic bilateral mastectomy’

The Bittersweet of BRCA

Finding out about a BRCA genetic mutation can feel so immense and invasive, overwhelming and overtaking.

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No Sugar Babies

My newly spayed puppy got me thinking about my ovaries again, and my right to make my own personal decisions.

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May the 4th Be with You

While I’m saying “May the 4th Be with you”, I really want to say “May The Force be with you!” Find out why...

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Can we really release our greatest fears and live fear-free? After one typically alarming situation, I believe that it’s possible.

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Most Girls

What does it mean to you to be like "most girls"? Or what does it mean to define who you are as a woman? Now is our time...

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BRCA 102

BRCA testing is loaded with decision-making, which begins with choosing whether or not to even go for genetic testing. Next come options for risk reduction.

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