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I Spy a Possible Previvor

We can get so triggered by labels that people use: Survivor, Previvor...isn?t it actually about whatever someone chooses for themselves ?

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Like many Americans, I have been losing sleep. Not because I am sick with COVID-19 and not even because I am in great danger of contracting it. There is so much more than the virus. I feel unsettled, highly stirred up all the way down to my soul. How about you?

Rather than be united like our country’s name says, it is clearly divided. Of course, much of our division started a very long time ago, but the coronavirus has offered clarity on disparity. Through both of my part time jobs, it has been hard to ignore the swell of societal problems.

One job is in higher education while the other deals with the public health sector. Both include people of varied races and ethnicities. And both are highlighting the chasm of inequality in our country. Picture any number of cartoon characters with one foot on one side of the crack while the other foot is desperately gripping the other side as the gap grows. Many of our fellow Americans of color feel like they are barely able to straddle this divide every single day. And this was before the coronavirus. Add a sickness without proper healthcare coverage and unemployment when a multigenerational household relies on you. Now pile on repeated discrimination.

This week, I felt like I could barely catch my breath over each injustice that I viewed, wondering: When will this end? How will this end? And then this morning, Face the Nation ended their episode with one of the most salient, sobering clips I have witnessed on network television. As you watch these 2 minutes, ask yourself: are we really all in this together?

How can we bridge the divide?

When we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem. Honestly, I just don’t know what to do? How about you?

Sorta Satisfied

While breast reconstructive surgery falls under the plastic surgery umbrella, doesn't it feel different? Is it really that different?

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What we are experiencing today is not what we ever why not imagine a brighter future filled with possibility?

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Does regret scare you, as much as she scares me? ?

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There is a ton of research on treating cancer, but who is working on preventing inherited cancer? Hello, HeritX!

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MRE, not for me

An MRE for my youngest brings me back to my own horrific MRI experience, which changed the trajectory of my BRCA journey.

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The Art of Loving

We know that offering help can be Loving. But what about asking for help? Why do we judge people so harshly when we, or others, ask for what is wanted or needed? Instead, let's honor gratitude and paying generosity forward.

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My BRCA Story (part 4)

The DIEP Flap procedure was the best option for me. What worked for you?

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Pay Attention to the Pancreas

BRCA talk ends up mainly about the breasts and ovaries, but let?s not forget about the pancreas.

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