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Stemming from my Teacher and Group Facilitator backgrounds, I created Bloom with Bliss, a self transformational philosophy & curriculum. It is designed to teach relaxation/meditation, and how to tune into intuition, in order to make the most authentic decisions–both big and small. I learned firsthand about the importance of making major life decisions when I tested positive for the BRCA2 gene mutation. My Bloom with BRCA blog shares my experience from immense challenge to reemergence, provides current information, along with opportunity for reflection.

Truthfully, I was completely overwhelmed by the high probable cancer percentages and intense surgical options that were presented by doctors. Nevertheless, when I chose to listen to my own inner wisdom, I made surprising decisions like studying Wholeness Energetics and Reiki, both energy healing modalities, around bilateral mastectomy/reconstruction surgeries. My decisions on how to proceed with my diagnosis only felt right when I searched within.

I help others find the clarity that they need to fully bloom through teaching groups, as well as individual sessions. The word “bloom” is very prominent throughout, for that has been the theme through my own life, and it is what I have to offer. Together, let’s plant seeds, and see what blooms!

Amy Appell 🌸