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So, you have already created your Bloom Board filled with what is special to you (if not, read this post first); if you have yet to figure out your intentions for this year, simply take some quiet time to reflect on your board. (Note: if you are ready to jump in right now without a Bloom Board, go for it!) How do you enjoy spending your time?

Now it’s time to ponder a few other questions: How can you spend more time doing what you love? How can you eventually support yourself/your family doing what you love? What type of action can you take?

Changing our daily habits is a process. A good first step to changing how we behave or what we think is to create an Affirmation Statement; it keeps you focused on your decided direction. Saying this affirmation each day, paired with contemplating your Bloom Board, will help shift your mindset about what is possible. Plus, it is a constant reminder about what you most desire.

Now, the naysayers are going to try and shout all of the reasons why you can NOT make your intention happen. It could be the voices of the common culture, your friends/family members, or just the nasty voices in your head. If those reasons are burning for you to pay attention to them, write them all down first. Get them all out of your system, for you don’t need those negative blocks derailing your accomplishments.

If those negative voices are softer, begin with a list of how to make your intention happen. I am not going to tell you to make a list of 10, because I encourage you to keep going until you have exhausted your creativity. Leave space to add throughout the year. Ask others for ideas. Only choose people who will support any intention you have, no matter how grandiose it may seem. All dreams have to start somewhere. No dream stompers allowed during this precious stage of germination.

While watching The Voice earlier this week, I witnessed a girl from my small town, sing her heart out in the Blind Auditions. Her poise, confidence and soulfulness amazed me–she clearly and absolutely loves singing! At nearly triple her age, I am inspired by how she has taken every opportunity to perform all around our area to practice her craft. Sure, Brynn Cartelli possesses a serene voice, but if you asked her about how much effort it took to accomplish her goal of performing on a national level, I bet she could tell you about the hundreds of hours of hard work it took on her part, as well as her parents’ efforts. Passion sure is a motivator though! What are you most passionate about?

On the flip side, taking action can involve standing up for what you strongly believe in, just like the super eloquent students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who decided #NeverAgain, starting a national movement. They are fortunate enough to have been inspired and educated by their AP Government teacher, Jeff Foster. No matter how you choose to use your voice, focus on: What do you strongly believe in? Who inspires you?

As you can see, I am dazzled by young people, which is probably why I was a teacher for years. Kids are creative, uninhibited problem-solvers. If any group is going to change the world, they will. Spend more time surrounded by people who inspire you, rather than those who irritate you; evaluate your media intake too.

If you are still trying to create that perfect Affirmation Statement, feel free to ask those negative naysayers what they hear you fantasize about. Ask: What do you hear me say that I wish I could do, yet I haven’t made a move on (yet)? What do you hear me say repeatedly? Oh, they will be thrilled to tell you.

My Affirmation Statement somewhat surprised me, even though it has been bubbling beneath the surface for a number of years:
I simplify my life by letting go of all which no longer serves me, and filling it with what connects to my soul.

This letting go, unlike Elsa, includes stuff, relationships & thought patterns. In a short amount of time, I have already decided against some invitations, because they just don’t align with my new focus. Just say No!

If you have not written the opposing list of reasons, do them now. Compare the lists and see how many of your positive reasons can counter your negative ones. When they do, cross out the ones that dim your dreams and put a star on the reasons that will allow you to shine brighter on your path to your success.

I could say a great deal about success, yet will just say that I believe that success is self-defined. Everyone has a talent and everyone has some form of success. It just may be quieter and unseen, unlike what we see on the many tv talent shows. All accomplishments are awesome. We owe it to ourselves to take action on our intention and Bloom with Bliss! Are you ready to sing your song?

Recap on your metamorphosis:ย 
1. Create a Bloom Board
2. Decide on your Intention
3. Write an Affirmation Statement
4. Sing it loud and proud daily

If you can dream it (Intention-making),
You can do it (Action-taking)

Photo Art credit: Donna Estabrooks, an artist who has inspired me for decades. Check out her paintings–they are magical!