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Bloom with Bliss

Bloom with Bliss is first and foremost a philosophy of self development where we each joyfully flourish in our own way, in our own time. It’s also a curriculum designed to help participants grow in their expansion of their whole self, mainly through relaxation techniques and thoughtful visualizations.

You become more aware, when you practice knowing and paying attention to your intuitive signals, otherwise known as your personal inner guides. Then, you can use that wisdom to make better decisions for yourself–ones that align you with the best direction to take in any given moment.

I teach Bloom with Bliss programs to both adults and children in a variety of settings: university, school, library, religious education programs and private consultations. Whether it’s a presenter that you need for your staff professional development or goal-setting support for your business venture, sessions can be modified to fit any program, individual or group’s dynamic.

Topics Include:

  • Bloom Breathing–how to do mini-meditations for self care and deeper insight
  • Tune-INtuition–making decisions using intuition
  • Favorite Things–reconnecting to what brings you joy
  • Word Wise–defining what’s possible in Your life
  • Intention-making–creating Bloom Boards to align with your goals
  • Action-taking–how to move forward in achieving your set goals, clearing blockages


FaceTime Consultation

Working with Amy has helped me simplify and create a clear path – a path to goals I couldn’t even define before our sessions. She taught me how to create an intention [Bloom] board which helped me see my life, work, and dreams more clearly. Her exercises revealed roadblocks I didn’t even know I had. Now that I’ve addressed them, I can easily put them behind me and move forward on my path.

Vicki Blazejowski
Entri Ways

Grief Group Workshop

Amy Appell collaborated with The Garden: A Center for Grieving Children and Teens in developing a conversation/workshop titled, “Grief in Our Bodies”. Amy was very easy to work with and excited to share her experience with grief and self care. She put our group at ease, easily engaged with our medium sized group of 30+. She came prepared and was quite flexible as our timing was limited. She also made a handout that not only was relevant but offered families topics to discuss at home. I highly recommend working with Amy Appell and Bloom with Bliss.

-Shelly Bathe Lenn, The Garden: A Center for Grieving Children and Teens (413) 582-5312