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Embracing Energy

Energy flows through and around our bodies.  Because we cannot see it or touch it, should we dismiss that it exists?

Thoughts and emotions are invisible like this energy. We accept the former, yet doubt the latter. I, too, have been guilty. I do believe in the unseen, yet feel myself waiver when the desire to fit into the norm surges through me like an electrical impulse.

When I felt desperate, however, in the days after my BRCA2 news, I knew exactly who to call…an Energy Worker.

Originally I couldn’t remember her name or exactly what she did. What I did know is that deep down in my soul, she was the one to help me through.

It is hard to explain what happened during that first session with Deborah. I attempted with, “Well, I still don’t know what decisions I am going to make with being BRCA+, but I do feel like Deborah has moved a mountain out of my way!”

The decision I definitively left that session with, was a vow of studying her type of energy work. A desire to give the same relief to others in a way that counseling took 6 months to match, drove me to Deborah’s website that evening. And there it was, her tagline “Cultivating consciousness, Moving mountains”. Stunned over the irony, I continued to dig until I found the treasure trove: Deborah taught a 9-month course called Wholeness Energetics!

Energy healing sessions have been life-changing for me. They bring up subconscious thoughts, old beliefs etcetera; essentially muddying up waters that I thought to be pretty clear. That mountain moved out of my way was just a giant blockage of energy, which changed how I have proceeded through my life. After my prophylactic bilateral mastectomy surgery, I trained in Wholeness Energetics, which helped me heal through subsequent surgeries.

We have come a long way with accepting yoga into our exercise norm, creating endless adaptations of the ancient Buddhist practice. I remember my mother bringing my sister and me, as young teens, to a class, which took place in the dark hallways of an old high school, because there were no known yoga studios.  And then there is Reiki. Whenever I say, “I do energy work” or “I studied Wholeness Energetics, a form of energy healing”, nearly every listener asks, “Like Reiki?” I am impressed how Reiki, a Japanese practice, broke through the energetic barrier. Grateful that progress is happening, making the once weird, the norm.

Thank you, BRCA, for bringing me back to the parts of me that I had dismissed over the years, because they weren’t part of the common culture. Continuing my energy flow is just as salient as regulating my emotions and thoughts for a healthier me. Our healing helps everyone; it’s a two-way street. When I give energy sessions to others, I receive healing benefits as well. That’s the power of clearing blockages, allowing our energy flow.

When have you experienced the power of your own energy? Or someone else’s?

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence. ~Nikola Tesla

Deborah Wilson’s website