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May the 4th Be with You

May 4th carries great significance for me, and not because I am a Star Wars superfan. It is the day 4 years ago, that I said “so long” to my breasts as I knew them.

I was a mere 4 years old when I watched these words flash on the movie screen, “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…”, followed by a yellow spelled-out saga ascending into space. While I may have been young, there was one very memorable scene. So much so, that I remembered it 40 years later and showed it to my group of participants in a Bloom with Bliss session on tuning into Intuition (or Tune-INtuition, as I call it). If you have seen the original Star Wars, you know exactly which scene. Obi-Wan Kenobi tried to teach Luke about his inner sense using the lightsaber without using sight, to which young Luke was unsure…until the moment when it really counted. Luke finally tapped into the force!

On the morning of my surgery, I too, connected to some powerful Force or source. I remembered this incredible change of heart when I made a comment to another BRCA2 woman the other day, about her impending prophylactic bilateral mastectomy surgery; she expressed that as it drew nearer, her fears grew deeper. I responded, “I was so worked up the day before my surgery that I thought that I could have a heart attack, but then I woke up all zen the morning of the actual surgery. I wish that outcome for you.” What happened during that night of sleep remains a mystery, yet something certainly did occur…at a time when it really counted.

As I walked from our hotel to the hospital, I was completely present in the moment, allowing peace to prevail over my decision to be proactive. That feeling allowed me to really see the greatest transformation of spring ever. I observed each flower blossom newly bursting with color, from blush pink to buttery yellow. This bliss was like a sign that eventually, I too, would bloom from this challenging life experience.

My surgery at times seems far, far away, yet I now enjoy supporting other women making their intense decisions over whether to monitor or operate, as well as the domino effect of their options. It is so personal, which is why I encourage “using the Force” as much as possible.

So go forth and use your force for the greater good!

What decision are you struggling to make? What does your internal Force say?