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Oh, the Places You’ll Go

After spontaneously walking in the Dr. Seuss parade, celebrating the long-awaited opening of his museum in Springfield MA, I just had to share all about it!

My girls and I joined some friends with the Community Music School and had the pleasure of dancing behind a motley band of musicians–horns, drums, tambourine and cowbell…everybody needs more cowbell! We danced our way down Mulberry Street, waving our streamers at all of the parade-watchers.

My affinity for Dr. Seuss really developed when I started teaching elementary-aged kids. I became so excited about his work that I went to his birthday celebration annually in the late 1990s at the Quadrangle Museums in his hometown. I remember doing an art lesson with my third graders on how to draw the Cat in the Hat, mimicking what I had learned at the museum program. My students were super impressed with their frisky illustrations.

“The Sneeches and Other Stories” was my favorite book to read aloud and teach about discrimination and greed. The Lorax pretty much touts the same message with an ecological plea, which is very aligned with my values.

Fast forward twenty years to when my second baby girl arrived on Dr. Seuss’ birthday, May 2nd! I was elated, for it gave us even more reason to celebrate Theodore Geisel. And the best part is that her school, like most, now rolls out a week-long celebration on his birthday, so she gets a double birthday dose.

Why am writing about this unrelated BRCA topic? Well, my main message in all of the work that I do is to live life in the now! Whatever illness you have or might get, go places, do the things that bring you joy, as often as possible, in the ways that you’re able.

Dance your way through a parade wearing a silly hat.
Some people may snicker, but who cares about that!

By the way, I went as Daisy-Head Mayzie for obvious reasons.

What’s your favorite Dr. Seuss book?