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heart-shaped rose

I help you from root to bloom through a variety of techniques: setting intentions, taking action, developing daily mindfulness and how to start a meditation practice.

Using a combination of my intuitive guidance and energy testing techniques, I can also work with you to uncover blockages, in order for you to freely move toward your intended life goals.

Wholeness Energetics, a method that I was trained in, is an energy healing modality that includes a practice called “muscle” or “energy” testing, which allows the client to see that her energy flows when she is in alignment with decisions and events in her life–as well as when she is not in alignment. Simultaneously, my goal is to teach clients how to become more aware of her own intuitive signals, so that she may make the best decisions for herself in her daily life. I believe that when our energy flows freely, we have the opportunity to bloom into our best self!

Testimonial: Individual Session
Posted on Facebook by Heather

I wanted to share my affirmation with you because it has transformed me from the inside out. Here it is: “I take care of myself and accept myself with all my strengths and weaknesses so that, I may be of service to the world.”

I realized about 8 months ago after meeting with a friend to do some body & mind work, that I was on the wrong path and needed to redirect my efforts at the fork in the road. Because my existing path wasn’t really there anymore, I was kind of spinning my wheels in one place at that crossroads. I had to take the “harder” path and yet I wanted to just do what was familiar to me unconsciously, but consciously I knew that I needed to turn at the fork in the road and that there would be more of an ease to that way.

When I started to speak this affirmation daily, my needed actions became clearer, even though they weren’t logical and easy. But now as I have experienced the new path that I moved forward onto, the first part of my affirmation I am actually fulfilling more and more and the last part of my affirmation is becoming clearer and clearer on what service I am called to do in this world.

I am so grateful to Amy Appell for being a guide for me on this journey and for God who put her in my life. He continues to put amazing women in my life, I just need to be aware and alert at each turn and twist in the road.


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