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Thai Crystal Bliss

I had a stink problem. No matter how many times I showered and reapplied deodorant, eventually, the body odor, aka B.O. would saturate my shirts, leaving yellow stains (which required lots of spot treating to lighten). When I say “deodorant”, I really mean antiperspirant, not originally knowing that there was truly a difference.

Antiperspirant blocks sweat glands, while deodorant aims to kill the smelly sweat that armpits produce. It is all about bacteria. Armpit sweat and a few other unmentionable areas of the body are loaded with fats and protein, causing them to emit an odor when they hit the bacteria on your skin, which love to hang out on those surrounding hairs. Luckily, many products are a combination.

Then, reports came out theorizing that antiperspirants may contribute to breast cancer with the aluminum absorbing into the lymph nodes.

There was no way that I could stop using it. In fact, I considered requesting a prescription for antiperspirant, which was mega aluminum-filled! Instead, I experimented with all natural deodorant-only products like Tom’s and Desert Essence, but, oh, the stench!

I have long joked that if I was to ever make it onto the TV show “Survivor”, I would get voted off within a few days because of my B.O.. Lo and behold, that is no longer the case! Not since I finally tried a product that a friend had recommended many years ago, causing me to scoff about how “it will never work”. (Note: I have since apologized to my friend for my stubbornness). My new favorite deodorant is the Thai Crystal!

Since the switch, my clothing not only has been stink-free, but the underarm yellow stains have abstained. It is like magic to me! My one and only complaint is that it does not stop wetness, but that rarely bothers me and is easily resolved with a pat of powder. The best part is that it only costs around $7 and lasts for about a year. Safer, economical and ecological with one container to recycle! If your local health store doesn’t carry the Thai crystal, you can order it here.

The Thai crystal can come without the plastic base, but I used to drop mine after wetting it, a few too many times, creating sharp edges that didn’t feel good on my underarm. It comes in a spray mist as well, which both of my girls use.

While writing this post, I decided to try out the spray. Later that day, while driving in the car…

My hubby: What is that smell?!

Me: I don’t know, I don’t smell anything.

My hubby: oh yeah, something smells!

Me: It can’t be me, because I just showered and remembered to put deodorant on (as I smell my armpit). See? It’s fine!

My hubby: (leans over and takes a whiff of my armpit) Yup, that’s it! Sorry…

In essence, the spray mist isn’t powerful enough for me. Of course, you may have different results, but the message here is that it doesn’t hurt to try a different type of product. What do you think might work for you?

Wishing you a stinky-free summer!